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Grant competition for the development of partnerships in the valorification of fruits, table grapes and berries

to create and expand private technology transfer partners for the development of fruit, table grapes and / or berries (strawberries, raspberries and, to a lesser extent, blackberries), to ultimately consider the opportunities and challenges of the sector
New opportunities for agriculture!

The USAID / APM project accepts proposals from local organizations, industry associations, cooperatives or producer groups, technology providers, service providers, educational institutions, extension services, non-governmental organizations, and private companies that will lead to the creation and / or development of partnerships to accelerate transfer of fruit, table grapes and berries (strawberries, raspberries and, to a lesser extent, blackberries) to the valorification of common problems and opportunities, especially in improving the OPERATION AND post-harvest treatment, to expand sales across the country and internationally.
The proposed activity should be market oriented, viable, scalable and able to promote changes in the chain or sector, but without encouraging the provision of financial support to one beneficiary.

The entire package of documents and information about the consultations are listed below in the article.

Grant from 300,000 to 900,000 lei

Total budget of the fund: 3,900,000 lei
Table Grapes
A total of 1,365,000 lei were pledged to finance this area.
The sum for financing berries (strawberry, raspberry and, to a lesser extent, blackberry) is 975,000 lei
Stone Fruit
Up to 1 560 000 for apples and stone fruits
Funded actions
The project funded the following activities:
Creation of demonstration production and post-harvest land to demonstrate innovative practices and technologies;
Involving local and international experts in the development, implementation and monitoring of demonstration sites;
Educational initiatives
  • Organization of trainings, seminars, field days and conferences to share the experience you have gained;
  • Intensive training to increase the capacity of local consultants and advisory services, including through the involvement of international experts and international study tours;
  • Initiatives for women and young people in target valorification. Organizing training and / or educational activities for women and young people from the sector or who wish to start an appropriate business. Internship education initiatives or mentoring for startups;
Development of mechanisms and means of communication (newspapers, magazines, articles, etc.). Campaigns or activities to promote entrepreneurship or investment in targeted valorification;
Other ideas for a partnership to solve industry problems and showcase solutions for industry stakeholders.
For clarification and questions, on April 9, 2019, the project organizes a seminar at the headquarters of the APM project:
str. Alexey Mateevich, 87, MD-2009, Chisinau
You will get the opportunity to ask questions about the competition and get guidance on how to fill out the application form.

Interested candidates must confirm their participation by sending the name of the participant, the name of the organization and the grant number by email to [email protected] until April 8, 2019.
FULL package of the application and all the information on the link:

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