Sales and Negotiation Techniques
March 26, 2019
Seminar on sales and negotiation techniques at the international level from the president of the Romanian investment company for entrepreneurs of Gagauzia!

On March 26, interested Gagauz businessmen received a number of recommendations and advice for building effective negotiations and encouraging customers to purchase products.

Entrepreneurs have learned what type of negotiators corresponds to them, what skills determine you as a good seller and what will help you as a businessman to enter a large market.
Dan Nuțiu
Asociația Investitorilor din Romania AIR
The Executive President of the Romanian Association of Investors, a specialist with 20 years of experience in the field of negotiations and sales, presented his experience and revealed the boundaries of negotiations for those who wish to enter international markets.
Through a dialogue with participants and interactive exercises, Mr. Nuziu showed how sales work and how you can convince a potential client to buy your products! Participants checked to what type of negotiators they are and which types they prefer to negotiate.
Frequently asked Questions
What are the stages of the negotiation strategy?

- Prioritization
- Identification of funds
- Determination of intermediate phases
- Search for the right tactics.
- Evaluation and selection of actions
- Simulation and control
- A meeting

What negotiating styles are often used by large companies?

Often use the following types (styles) of negotiations: cooperative; creative; rational; passive; hostile; aggressive and dependent.
What tricks help in the negotiations?

- Present your product with its shortcomings, the investor understands that he is not perfect and trusts you.
- Change the style of conversation during communication.
- Ask leading questions, it is difficult to answer "Yes" only the first time.
- Insist on your own.

Summing up and answering questions from participants, the speaker wished everyone good luck in their future negotiations and product sales at the international level.

The event was implemented by the Association of Businessmen of Gagauzia "NEXT" in partnership with the European Business Association with the financial support of the European Union and co-financing by Sweden through the Eastern Europe Foundation in the framework of the project "Civil Society Promotes the Social and Economic Development of the Country

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