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March 15, 2019
According to the ministry, young entrepreneurs from the villages of Rezinsky, Ryshkansky, Drochia, Sholdanesht districts, as well as from ATU Gagauzia will receive preferential loans.

According to the requests, the loan funds attracted by young entrepreneurs will be used to purchase agricultural equipment, irrigation systems, mineral fertilizers and replenish the working capital needed in production processes.

Annual interest rates on loans for end users are floating, they will be reviewed every 6 months based on average inflation, and in the first half of this year they will be about 4.5% per year, i.e. about 50% lower compared to weighted average interest rates on new loans provided by local commercial banks.

Preferential loans can be obtained by young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 35 years old at the time of applying for a loan; The maximum amount of subcredit is up to 1.5 million lei. In addition, young people should own no less than 75% of the share of the enterprise / business. The beneficiaries may be individuals and legal entities registered in Moldova, including the ATU Gagauzia. Young entrepreneurs can get preferential loans for business development in agriculture, as well as in other areas of activity.

In particular, potential borrowers can apply for preferential financing to the following financial institutions: Moldova-Agroindbank, Moldindconbank, Mobiasbancă-Group Societe Generale, Fincombank, Energbank, Comertbank, Moldcredit, ProCredit Bank, EuroCreditBank.

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