ATU Gagauzia Executive Committee
Close cooperation with the Executive Committee of the ATU Gagauzia provides access to statistical data, to the database of economic agents, information on financial and technical support in the field of entrepreneurship.
ADR Gagauzia
Agency for Regional Development of Gagauzia.
Cooperation with the Agency for Regional Development of Gagauzia allows to increase the attraction of funds, grants, to involve economic agents in the implementation of a sectoral regional program for the development of infrastructure to support entrepreneurship.
Innovative Incubator
Inno Center
An effective partnership with the Innovative Incubator InnoCentre creates the prerequisites for the provision of services in the field of patenting and promotion of unique products.
Ceadir-Lungi Business Incubator
Incubator de Afaceri Ceadîr-Lunga
The incubator is an important strategic partner that promotes the dissemination of information and the search for new representatives of the business sphere in the settlements of Ceadir-Lung district.
European Business Association
European Business Association
The European Business Association acts as a partner in training and developing the potential of entrepreneurs in Gagauzia. Together, we implement various training courses at the national level with the involvement of high-class specialists.

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