APRIL 16, 2019
Call for proposals for improving of the export competitiveness of local business
APRIL 1, 2019
Grant competition for the development of partnerships in the valorification of fruits, table grapes and berries
MARCH 28, 2019
Through loans and grants, the EU4Business-EBRD credit line supports a wide range of projects that increase the competitiveness and potential of SMEs in Moldova
MARCH 5, 2019
Министерство финансов Молдовы сообщило об утверждении первых 7 подпроектов в рамках недавно запущенной Программы, предусматривающей предоставление льготных кредитов молодым предпринимателям.
FEBRUARY 27, 2019
From March 1, 2019, a regional program to support small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as start-ups, will start in Gagauzia. It will be financed from the Gagauz Entrepreneurship Support Fund. The program budget is 6 million lei.
FEBRUARY 25, 2019
The Organization for the Development of the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Sector (ODIMM) launched the National Program "Starting for young people: sustainable business in your home".

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