Objectives of the project
Improving the business environment
Protection of interests
Participation in development
Marketing opportunities
Services BusinessHub
Who helps business in your area?
We promote communication, cooperation and dialogue between the association and local, regional and central authorities, trade unions, chambers of commerce and other stakeholders in the socio-economic development of the region.
Business interests are not counted?
We represent and protect the interests of entrepreneurs of ATU Gagauzia, as well as other regions of the Republic of Moldova, in dialogue with authorities at all levels, other state or private bodies, as well as their representatives.
Need to improve legislation?
We are involved in the development and adoption of decisions regarding the legal framework of Gagauzia and the Republic of Moldova.
Justice in business?
We create and demand justice, transparency and a non-corrupt business climate.
Do you feel that your business is capable of expanding?
We facilitate access to business information, create opportunities for marketing, and also stimulate the construction of partnerships.
Not sure where to find information to grow your business?
We inform about the general business climate, as well as cooperate with the authorities in order to overcome difficulties in the openness of information for business development.
Our Team
We make your business efficient!
Project director

+373 60 599 909
[email protected]

Project Assistant

+373 68 877 753
[email protected]
Financial Manager

+373 60 249 994
[email protected]
Platform Administrator
and PR manager
+373 68 877 763
[email protected]
Ivan Cambur
Project manager
Responsible for the entire process of implementation and logistics of the project. In collaboration with the project implementation team, organizes all types of project activities and ensures good quality project implementation.
Lucy Ganeli
Project Assistant
The duties of the Project Assistant include planning and logistics of all project activities, communication with experts, consultants, and the media.
Alexandra Milkan
Project Accountant
Implementation of all financial transactions within the project
Zachary Dolomanzhi
Business Hub Platform Administrator and PR Specialist
Administration of the online platform "Business Hub", as well as groups in social networks. In addition, it promotes a web page through online news content.

Our contacts

Ready to answer any question that interests you!
+373 688 77753
[email protected]

str. Victory 50,
Comrat, ATU Gagauzia, RM
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